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The Meandering Thoughts of a Wandering Strider

First off, I hope this finds everyone in fine health and enjoying the New Year. Another year is here and time for new goals, in both life and running (but for some of us, there is no difference in those two items). I have set myself a couple of goals as far as running is concerned. I would like to complete two 100-milers this year. I also would like to compete in two new-to-me marathons or fifty milers. But on a more Strider note, I am setting myself a goal of getting out the Strider Newsletter in a timely fashion. There has been a bit of a delay problem in getting the newsletter out to the group each time it is published (there is actually one still out there in the "mails on hold" realm). So right now I am telling everyone who wants to submit something that the deadlines are as follows and if anyone submits something after those deadlines, it will appear in the following newsletter. Deadlines are as follows: April 30th, July 30th, October 30th and January 30th.
Have you noticed that this season has been difficult to get used to? It gets cold for, it we are lucky, a couple days and then it warms back up. I really shouldn't complain, but what the hay. I like cold weather; I like winter! I can adapt and enjoy the cold much better than hot weather. I would like it to get cold and stay cold so that I can get out and run in it, so that I can acclimatize my body.
Do not forget to get your tickets to the Strider's Banquet. New location, new food, new time, but the same great sounds from the Runz and plus plenty of good people to have a great time with. I hope to see many new faces this year.
New Years hopes: For Sue McCarthy, continued health and pleasure from sharing those long runs with me (Jimmy too); Tim Kane, continued health and relief from newsletter stress; Clem McGrath, continued health and a new tan (does it ever go away?); Paul Yeomans, updated Mohegan membership status; Saturday Morning Slugs, good running and good eating; Wayne Jolly, a dance partner and/or teacher for those outdoor concerts; my family, continued patience with my obsession; Karen Short, time to produce ShortTakes (we miss them); Carla Thompson, to string together more than two months of running without getting injured again; Julie Pinkham, the opportunity to reintroduce herself to her Strider friends; to anyone I have missed, great running and an enjoyable New Year!!! One last New Year hope: Peace!
Hope to see everyone this year on the roads and on the trails.