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Meeting was called to order at 6:45 pm.

Treasurer's Report: Don Sikorski reports the account balance is $1580.00. The John Martin Fund has $978.00.

Membership Secretary: Leslie Jolley reports as of tonight, there are 322 paid Mohegan Strider members.

Newsletter: Bob Buckingham distributed copies of the latest newsletter. The deadline for the next newsletter will be December 15, 2001.

Grand Prix: Leslie Jolley announced the last Grand Prix race will be the Fall Challenge 5 miler on Nov. 11. She states they will continue the coordinate the Grand Prix for one more year.

Racing Teams: Tim Kane reports the men's Open Team captured the Open title for 2001.
He acknowledged the efforts of Chad Johnson and Chadwick Brown who both had a fantastic year on the USATF circuit. Along with Chad Brown, also recognized were Ed Root and Don Smith. They participated in every USATF race this year.

Old Biz: Delaney Dash: There is nothing to report at this time. Karen Short and Pete Volkmar will be talking to the Old Saybrook Police in the coming weeks.

Old Shoes: Ed Root states he hasn't received any old running shoes in awhile to send off to Africa. He encouraged members to bring shoes to local road races.

Uniforms: Tim Kane reports Small and Medium uniforms need to be re-ordered.

Rec Run: Charlie Spellman shared the new location for the Summer Rec Run series worked out well despite the mosquito problem. Tim Smith hopes to "spread the good
Word to youngsters" about the development program. Tim hopes to have some lighting
Available for the end of summer finale.

Strider Night at Nassif's. Tim K. was hoping to see more Striders at Nassif's at the Summer Strider meeting. He hopes to have another Strider meeting at Nassif's again.

Strider Banquet: Tim K. announced Special Ocastions in Norwich is not available anymore for the public. The Polish Club in Montville and the Port n Starboard at Ocean Beach are being considered for the the 2002 banquet site.

Tommy Toy Fun Run: Walt Smolenski announced the Fun Run will be held Dec. 7.

New Biz: Election of Officers for 2002 was held.
Tim Kane President
Mike Fusaro Vice President
Leslie Jolley Membership Secretary
Lynne Hansen Treasurer
Eddie Eckard Recording Secretary

Tim K. recognized Don Sikorski for his work as club Treasurer for the past six years.
The following members have volunteered to serve on various committees:

Racing Team Coordinators: Don Sikorski (Open), John Kornacki (Masters), Ed Root (Grandmasters)
Picnic Committee; Kris-Anne Kane
Strider Night at Dodd Stadium: John Sacrey and Bob Buckingham

Dues for 2002: Don Sikorski states after reviewing the fund balance for 2001, he finds no reason to raise membership dues for 2002. Dues will remain at $10 for the primary member, .50 for additional household members, $1.00 for children under 16. All were in favor of keeping dues at current rates.

Other Biz: Bob Buckingham announced any sponsors who have not contributed to the club will be removed from the newsletter. He states the club did not have the non-profit
Bulk permit. He will try to get a regular bulk permit.

Don Sikorski motioned to contribute $50 to the Otis Library for allowing the club to use a room for quarterly meetings. Motion passed.
Meeting adjourned at 7:38 pm.

Kris-Anne Kane
Recording Secretary