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Tim Kane



Hopefully you will receive this newsletter in early 2002 and it will mark the beginning of a new, successful year of living, running and racing. As president of the Striders, it is also my hope that this issue will mark the return to prominence of this newsletter as the important informational forum for the club that it has been in the past.

As most Striders have noticed, especially in the last year, the newsletter has become an infrequent visitor to mailboxes long accustomed to the four times a year infusion of Strider information, input, and engrossing stories that had been such a part of the fabric of our organization. How did this important part of our club fade into the background in such a short period of time? Everyone has their theories as to how and why things like this happen but, if there is blame to be divvied up for this temporary downfall of a Strider institution, I think the lion's share of it belongs with myself. You have elected me and charged me to be the guardian of things that convinced you to become a member of the Striders in the first place. Primary on this list for many people has been the newsletter which, along with the website, is the only real way for club members to keep in touch with the events, personalities, and progress of our organization.

At the risk of falling into one of the most tiresome writing cliche¢s out there, I would like to declare that my New Year's resolution for 2002 is to devote my year to returning the Strider newsletter to mailboxes and consciousness of all Mohegan Striders. This is not a task that I'll be able to do completely on my own. Bob Buckingham, our newsletter coordinator and editor assures me that he is on board to produce 4 newsletters this year. I have promised Bob that I will aid his ambitious agenda by producing material myself, on a timely basis, for the newsletter and will do my best to badger the talented writers in our club to do the same. Further, I will badger myself to make sure that once newsletters are printed, they find their way to your mailbox as soon as possible.

That's a lot of badgering but I think you will begin to see the results of this new attitude as you read through this newsletter. I'm gratified that many people have said they will contribute but there is always room for more contributions. Remember, this newsletter will only be successful if readers along with contributors embrace it and work hard toward making it a success. I am challenging myself this year contribute more to this endeavor and I am challenging all of you to do the same.

By now, cold, winter weather may have finally appeared on the horizon. In these days of cold, wind, early darkness, and holiday meals and goodies that seem to hang around our waistlines for far too long, be sure to take advantage of the many opportunities throughout the week to get together with fellow Striders and work through the discouraging winter weather together. A little companionship to share the psychological pain of winter running may be just what you need to make this year your best, most satisfying running year ever!

See you on the roads!